Jenna & Jon

Elegant, beautiful, exciting, silly… there are dozens of words we could use to describe Jenna and Jon’s July wedding, but the first one that comes to mind is fun. From the moment we arrived, we could tell this was a couple who knew how to have a good time, who wanted their wedding to be a playful, memorable occasion for them and their guests.

That playfulness was there from the beginning, starting with Jenna’s beaming smile as she got ready and Jon’s goofing off with his groomsmen and family. Their giddy happiness was present throughout their lovely church ceremony, lightening even the most serious moment, mixing joyful tears with unexpected laughter. And when it was time for the reception at Larkfield Manor, Jenna, Jon, and their crazy wedding party absolutely knew how to bring the fun. From toasts to dancing, it was a party that no one there will ever forget.

Congratulations, Jenna and Jon!