Amanda & Kyle

“Mrs. Love” proclaimed the signs and hangers in the bridal suite the morning of Amanda and Kyle’s wedding. And though that was actually because of the groom’s delightful last name, it still perfectly summed up the day for these two lovebirds.

Amanda and Kyle met when they moved into the same residence hall during their freshman year at the University of Maryland. Life had plenty of ups and downs between that day and the August morning when we were invited to photograph their wedding, but they were with each other through it all. And after twelve years of sharing their lives, no one there was in any doubt that these two were means to be together,

Their wedding was, in many ways, just like the two of them: a little bit of glamor, a little bit of sentimentality, a whole lot of romance, and through it all, the most fun-loving bride and groom you could ever hope to see. From the vintage Delorean that showed up meet the groom, to the bubble guns that greeted the bride and groom as they left the church, to the colorful flip flops waiting for guests with aching feet, there was a current of playfulness running through the whole day.

And as for the reception at Flowerfield catering hall… well, let’s just say that this bride and groom knew how to throw a memorable party!

But in the midst of the silly fun, Amanda and Kyle’s deep love for each other shone through. It was in the way they said their vows, voices trembling with emotion. It was in the private walk that they took together, when were were privileged to snap a few photos, just the two of them. And it was in the way they couldn’t stop staring into each other’s eyes and smiling, all night long.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Love!