Gloria & Rob

Though Gloria and Rob knew each other through mutual friends, the first time they were ever alone together was like a scene from a romantic movie. While walking on the beach, Gloria tripped and nearly lost her footing — but Rob was there to catch and literally sweep her off her feet. From that moment on, they were inseparable, and they knew that in each other they had someone who would always be there to catch them.

Their wedding was equally romantic, full of vintage flourishes like lace parasols, wooden folding fans, and a 1930s style Rolls Royce that took the bride to the church. More than just style, though, Gloria and Rob used their special day to show their personalities. Their love of all things nature was reflected in the plantable envelopes that the wedding invitations arrived in and the cascades of roses and wildflowers that decorated the reception hall at Flowerfield.

They even shared a whimsical, meaningful butterfly release with their closest friends and family to commemorate all their loved ones that had passed away and couldn’t be there to share the day with them — a moment that brought tears to more than one eye!

Most of all, though, their wedding was a reflection of the love that Gloria and Rob had for each other and the people who shared the day with them. When they stole away with us to Old Westbury Gardens for a few photos — just the two of them — we could see more than just a beautiful bride and groom. We could see a deep commitment and joyful love that we know will last them a lifetime.

Congratulations, Gloria and Rob!