Andrea & Steve


There were a few rainclouds the day of Andrea and Steve’s Long Island wedding, but the bright smiles of this bride and groom more than made up for the gloomy skies overhead. These two brought their own sunshine, and you could tell just by looking at them that it was going to last them forever.


Andrea and Steve met at Hofstra University’s radio station during their freshman year of college. Andrea was about to DJ her first radio show and Steve, being the gentleman that he is, decided to stay after his show was done to keep her company and cheer her on. When classes began again, they kept in touch, and after two months, Steve persuaded Andrea to take a chance on a date.


Eight years later, the lovebirds were ready to take the next step into their future together and say “I do!”


Their wedding day was a perfect mix of traditional elements and personal touches that spoke to their history together and the amazing future ahead of them. After a formal ceremony at St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church, we stole the newlyweds away for a quick portrait session by the sea. There, the rain clouds cleared, and there was champagne in hand, blue skies for miles, and the happiest bride and groom you’ve ever seen.


Soon enough, though, it was time to meet their family and friends for an amazing party at Land’s End. There were toasts, smiles, happy tears, Greek dancing, and — of course! — all the songs that Andrea and Steve loved to play back in their college radio DJ days. It was a perfect day for a perfect couple!


Congratulations, Andrea and Steve!