Michele & Ernesto


When you see a bride and groom smiling, it’s impossible not to smile back — which meant that we were beaming the entire time we were photographing Michele and Ernesto’s wedding. This beautiful couple, who were married at the beginning of July, were one of the happiest pairs we have ever seen. Best of all, their joy was reflected in every moment of their wedding day.


Michele and Ernesto were married with a beautiful Catholic mass, surrounded by their friends and family as they smiled their way through their vows. We took them to Argyle Park, where they giggled their way through a playful photo session with their wedding parties and families. And they celebrated with their guests at the Venetian Yacht Club on Fire Island, where they laughed their way through one of the most fun wedding receptions we’ve ever seen. It was such a happy wedding day — and we know that means these two lovebirds are going to live happily ever after.


Congratulations, Michele and Ernesto