Christine & Peter


With all the details that need to be taken care for a wedding, we’re never surprised to see a bride feeling flustered or a groom looking overwhelmed. But that wasn’t the case on Christine and Peter’s June wedding day. This beautiful couple simply radiated calm and joy, delighted to be spending such a special moment in their lives with their friends and family.


And why not? Instead of worrying about making everything big and glamorous, their wedding day was a simple, elegant celebration. They first saw each other that day when Christine joined Peter on the waterfront, and from that moment on they only had eyes for each other. After the prettiest, sweetest ceremony, they brought their guests home for a backyard reception that was all the more beautiful because it felt so relaxed and natural. Even a few unexpected rain showers couldn’t dim the joy of these happy newlyweds — they and their guests kept right on celebrating and smiling, all night long.


Congratulations Christine and Peter!