Megan & Adam



How would we describe Megan and Adam’s wedding? We could call it glamorous — and it was, with all the beauty you would expect of a celebration at The Vineyard Caterers. We could call it elegant — and it was, with a wealth of stylish details, from suits and suspenders to sparkling jewelry. But most of all, we would have to call it fun. Megan and Adam, more than anything, knew how to have a good time.


Their wedding day was full of personal details. Their signature drink? The “twisted tea.” Their colors? Royal blue and bright pink. Their vows? Sweet enough to bring you to tears and funny enough to make you laugh out loud. This was a couple who knew themselves and what they wanted — which was clearly to have an amazing, playful, memorable day with their loved ones. And that was wonderfully, beautifully, exactly what they had.



Congratulations, Megan and Adam!